What is the Point?

A historical site survey

May 1st – July 31st 2015 – The Smelter Gallery

Walter Withers, A breezy day at Point Henry, oil on canvas, c.a. 1900, Collection of the National Gallery of Victoria.

This survey or visual art, archeological finds and photography of Point Wilson includes artifacts of archeological significance to the traditional indigenous owners (Wathaurong) of the site alongside a survey of the site in image, architecture and artifacts from early European settlement to the establishment of CATE in 2015.

140829 Alcoa_Edisc web
E-Disc, discovered on initial site investigation by CATE board member, August, 2014.

Alongside artifacts and artworks is a large collection of photographs of the site from the earliest days of European settlement to the present.

This exhibition, CATE’s first, is held prior to development of the former Alcoa Smelter as The Centre for Art and Technology Experimentation.  Silent machinery creates sculptural sentinels as backdrop for the exhibition.

Photography includes works by Wolfgang Sievers and Max Dupain, both of whom were prominent in art and commercial photography in the mid to late 20th century, as well as press photographs, and amateur photography of the site, the Alcoa plant and wildlife.

The final days at Alcoa. Image from SBS news.


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Images from local and national media photographers on announcements of the closure of Alcoa’s Point Henry smelter.




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