Vesi Torni was born in Rovaniemi in the heart of Lapland.  Her  initial installations were snowmen, which she decorated with various caribou bones, antlers and fur.  When Vesi was fourteen, her family moved to Helsinki where Vesi studied at Kirkkojarvi Comprehensive School in Espoo before commencing studies at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.   In her third year, she completed an exchange at RMIT Fine Arts School in Melbourne.   While in Melbourne she was encountered Inge King’s Forward Surge near the National Gallery of Victoria.  She sought out the artist and worked for some time under King’s influence in a community of artists at Warrendyte.

Inge King, Forward Surge, 1978

After graduating in Finland, Vesi Torni moved to Paris, where she studied at Beaux-Arts de Paris.    She began to work in steel, creating objects and installations on a large scale.

This led to commissions of works for major parks and public spaces:

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Back in Australia, Vesi Torni is delighted to be chosen as the first artist to use CATE’s landmark water tower as a canvas.  Harking back to the work of Inge King and with homage to Anish Kapoor, the watertower is mirror finished to reflect the sky, CATE buildings and surrounding sea and coastal vegetation.

Vesi Torni presents a talk about her work at midnight, 21st June (mid-winter solstice), 2016 in the Think Tank, after which she will sign copies of her book – Vesi Torni: It’s not all about food and copies of her Watertower marquette.




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