близнец (Bliznets)

When working together, Kazakhstan born identical twins Anastasiya and Svetlana are Bliznets. They have been commissioned by the curatorial team at CATE to design and create the new highly anticipated cinema and performing arts centre; along with a moving image artwork to be presented within the space at the opening of CATE.

Bliznets have designed the building so their signature use of the mirror is found throughout; using large scale mirrors and reflective surfaces. The centre, named The Weimar Centre of Contemporary Cinema and Performing Arts, will be an innovative and world class centre for the development of contemporary cinema, stage productions, media, and performance arts. The centre pays tribute to the iconic Weimer aesthetic movement of the German film makers in the early 1900s.

Heavily influenced by German Expressionism their cinematography is created within the style and subject matter of those created within the Weimar film era. Such films as Metropolis, Nosferatu and Cabinet of Doctor Caligari are used repeatedly throughout their work. It is here within these films that Bliznets bring forth subject matters and artistic movements such as feminism, surrealism and constructivism, Dadaism and German Expressionism.

Bliznets are world renowned artists known for their visual work within mirrors and sculptures. As identical twins they focus on the mirrored image; the altered reality presentenced through a reflected self; as this is how they see their role as twins within contemporary society. Commonly mistaken from one another, Bliznets work to create art that focuses on what divides them; what divides reality and space; such as doorways, stairways etc. Bliznets embody an Avant-garde lifestyle, as their passion lies within creating structures or new technology to replicate moving within another world, another space; space that is a manipulated reflection of reality. It is here, within the third dimension of the mirror where Bliznets chose to project their constructed reality through cinematography.




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