Spotted at Geelong Station: BBB Arts Train

This morning, the BBB Arts train pulled into Deakin Waterfront Station where proud owner Vicki Clissold explained the concept to fans at the CATE@thesmelter launch exhibition.

Vicki Clissold and Arty the engine

The BBB Art Train is here!
The BBB Art Train is here!

Ms Clissold explained that each carriage will carry the work of a single artist and that the train moves within Victoria, visiting small and large towns and cities and even small rail sidings.  This allows people from all walks of life to experience the best in art on a semi-regular basis.

As previously reported, the BBB Art Train will visit CATE@ thesmelter to coincide with the simultaneous opening of the CATE Museum and the under-channel rail link from Avalon Airport.

“I am delighted to present the train at CATE,” Ms Clissold stated.  “I am a long-term Geelong resident, and use the local environment for inspiration in my own art.”

Vicki Clissold’s mixed media painting Griffiths Bookstore was shortlisted for the Geelong Contemporary Art Prize 2014, and is on display at the Geelong Art Gallery until 23rd November.


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